Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Interviews with Congressman Chet Edwards and LeeAnn Edwards

Hey. Wes here. This interview with US Rep. Chet Edwards (Texas) was at the Pepsi Center in Denver during the DNC. We have known the Edward's all of our lives. They have two sons who are our ages. We hung out together all of the time until we moved away from DC. So we were pretty excited when we heard that Mr. Chet was on the short list to be Senator Obama's Vice President running mate. I was thinking it would be pretty cool to stay in the Vice President's mansion up on the hill at the Naval Observatory. But then, Sen. Obama chose someone else! Uh!
Anyway, here's our interview with Mr. Chet about what it was like to be SO CLOSE to being the Vice President of the United States.

Then, we talked to Miss Lee Ann about where their sons were and what they were up to.

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