Monday, October 20, 2008

Kids Rock The Vote in Colorado

 Over our fall break from school, my friend Jonah and I went to the important swing state of Colorado to help sign up residents to register to vote by mail. The first night we met up with dozens of kids like us who were working to get people to register to vote.

The youngest worker we found was three. She was helping to get mailers ready to send to residents. There were more than a dozen kids who were ages 12 and under who were working on mailers, answering calls and dispensing the snacks to other volunteers. The kids who were over 12 were calling voters in Colorado and reminding them to register to vote. It was awesome to see so many kids involved in the political process.

The next day, Jonah and I got up early and went to a restaurant in Denver to meet other volunteers and get our lists of homes to visit. Then we went to different neighborhoods and registered people to vote by mail. I speak Mandarin, and Jonah speaks Spanish and French. Our foreign language skills came in handy when we spoke with several families who were voting citizens but spoke very little English. On Saturday, we got to have sushi for lunch (yum!). We walked neighborhoods for 8 hours on Saturday and two hours on Sunday. We visited almost 200 homes and registered dozens of new voters and voters who had moved to new precincts. We felt really good knowing that we had helped to get so many people registered to vote in an important swing state.

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