Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Fall Out Boy, Part 2, Daughtry and More

OK, Wes here. So, anyway, Pete and the guys hung out for a while. Patrick Stump was SO fun. He talked to me for a really long time until the staff member said that he had to go and get ready for his performance. In this picture, Patrick is thanking me for my business card. Patrick said that the political issue that was most important to him was foreign policy--like the war, our bad relationships with other countries and that sort of stuff. I also found out that his voice is a lot different when he talks than when he sings, he cares about his fans, he's a really nice guy and he pays attention to political issues.

Will asked Andy Hurley (below) what political issues were most important to him, and he said that global warming was most important--global warming and the environment.

After Fall Out Boy went backstage, Chris Daughtry and his band "Daughtry" came over to meet us. We don't have still photos of that because mom couldn't run the video camera and the still camera at the same time. Daughtry only stopped for a minute because the staff was trying to get them backstage, but Chris seemed like a nice guy.

Next came this guy. Someone told us that his name was "Pharrell". We didn't know who he was, but he seemed to think that everyone should. He just passed right by us. He acted sort of cocky. He did an interview with MTV, but that was it. He wouldn't meet with us even though several people tried to introduce us. We weren't sad or anything. But it was weird that the people that EVERYBODY knows (except my dad) who are super big stars were so nice. And this guy who we had never heard of wasn't so nice. We looked him up on the internet today and found out that he is with a band called N.E.R.D. Maybe one day when he gets to be a big star he'll be nicer.

So here is my crazy brother holding "The Carpet Fiber that Pete Wentz Walked On". Will is always finding things on the ground, usually money. This time it was something pretty random.
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