Saturday, August 23, 2008

Welcome to Kids Rock The Vote!

Hi Everyone,

We are two brothers who are total opposites of each other. But we both agree that kids can make a difference and this year's election gives us a chance to help change our country and our futures.
Before we start talking about the campaign, we want to introduce ourselves...

I'm Will. I'm 13 years old and will start 8th grade as soon as I get back from the Democratic National Convention in Denver. I'm looking forward to going to the DNC so we can see some of our friends from Washington DC (I was born there and lived there until I was five.)

Favorite Food:
Veggie Suicide (a mix of lots of green, white and yellow veggies)
Favorite School Subject: Any science class
Favorite Hobbies: Building cool stuff with Lego's and junk I find, singing, playing MySims on the Wii, hanging out with my friends
Favorite Band(s): Five for Fighting, The Beatles, Billy Joel (soft, meaningful stuff)
Favorite Brands: Abercrombie, Ralph Lauren and Sperry (Topsiders are awesome!)
Career Goals: Marine Biologist living on Antarctica and trying to save the penguins
College Choice(s): Harvard, MIT, Duke or Johns Hopkins
Political Views: Liberal (I want more money spent on public schools; I want more action on environmental issues; I want the war in Iraq to end by, like, five years ago; and if we need to raise taxes to fix our country, then we should raise the taxes of everyone except for the poor. And if you're making $5 million per year, you're not poor)

Hi! I'm Wesley. I'm 11 and a half years old and I'm going into the sixth grade. I'm stoked about going to all of the parties and talking to people at the DNC. If my parents let me go to the MTV party for a little while to do interviews that would be SWEEEET!

Favorite Food: Steak and Salmon (with no bones)
Favorite School Subjects: Art and Recess (I know it's not a subject)
Favorite Hobbies: Riding bikes and hanging out with my friends, riding my 4-wheeler, playing my guitar
Favorite Bands: REM, Bowling for Soup. I like good lyrics and a strong beat
Favorite Brands: QuikSilver, Hurley, O'Neill, Billabong
Future Career: Race car driver or car designer
College Choice: Not sure, but maybe University of Utah
Political Views: Conservative (I think that everyone should pay somewhere close to the same percentages of taxes; I would rather cut out money that we spend than tax everybody more; I think it's time to end the war in Iraq, but I don't think that we can just pull everybody out right away; I think that people who make $300,000 a year are middle income)

Thanks for coming to visit us! We hope you'll check out our blog and tell your friends about us.

Will and Wes

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