Monday, August 25, 2008

Rockin' The Vote with Bob Springmeyer, Dem for Utah Governor

This morning in Denver, we met Bob Springmeyer, the Democratic candidate for governor of Utah and a man with a million bow ties (or close to it). We asked Mr. Springmeyer how kids can get involved in the campaign.

WES: Mr. Springmeyer said that one way kids can get involved in political campaigns is to communicate with other kids, their families and their friends over the internet and tell them who they are supporting and why. We agree TOTALLY! Mr. Springmeyer has a Facebook page and he says that he finds a lot of volunteers through the internet.

WILL: I felt that one of the most important ideas Mr. Springmeyer talked about was that no matter who you are, you can always help out and volunteer for a candidate who you support. You can go to their campaign headquarters and volunteer to do things like put up lawn signs in your neighborhood, make campaign calls to talk to people about the candidate, and march in parades with the candidates. Actually, I've done parades with my dad before and they're pretty fun!

You can see our full interview with Mr. Springmeyer, candidate for governor of Utah, below.

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