Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wednesday at the DNC, Part 1

Will here. Last night while our dad was at the convention, we went to the Media Pavillions. It was SO much fun! I don't think it was actually supposed to be fun, but it was. We met two boys whose mom works for Reuters, and they were the only two kids we had seen here for the convention. While they were at the convention, we interviewed a reporter from The Washington Times, visited some reporters from Roll Call newspaper (they used to put our pictures in Roll Call a lot when we lived in DC) and went from tent to tent to see what the reporters were up to. They were very busy, but all of them were nice to us.

Then, we met Jeff who works for HDNet and Dan Rather Reports. He was so great. He fixed our computer problem so that we could upload some of our videos and let us sit in his office to watch Hillary Clinton's speech. I found out that reporters work really long hours, which I had sort of already figured out doing this blog, and that they are very nice, smart, multitalented people.

After the convention was over, we went to Coors field for a big party sponsored by the Airline Pilots Association. The party was in a huge skybox area, so we ate and then went out into the box seats to take these pictures.

This morning, we had breakfast with the Utah people, then got dressed in nice clothes and went over to the Denver Museum where Mom thought we might find Anne Hathaway for an interview. First, we found Matthew Modine and Richard Schiff. They talked to us about education, global warming, arts education and more. We found out that Matthew Modine is from Utah! That's pretty cool.

Next we talked to Susan Sarandon, who has won an academy award. Then, I met Zooey Deschanel from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy! That is one of my favorite movies. I was really glad that Zoey was so nice, it could have totally ruined the movie for me if she wasn't. She was sweet, though.
Just about the time we were going to give up on meeting Anne Hathaway, she walked out of the museum! Wes and I couldn't believe it! We liked her in her other movies, but we REALLY love the funniest movie this summer, Get Smart. She was in a big hurry but she took about five minutes answering our questions about arts education and healthcare. Then she posed for this picture. It is SO going to be hanging all over our house now.

I could have died when Anne was about to leave and Wesley handed her his business card and said, "Be sure to give us a call!" I was embarrassed, but everybody else thought it was funny. Whatever. Anyway, tonight at the convention, we ran into her again and she talked to us for a minute there, too.
Which brings me to the convention. I won't go into all of the convention stuff right now. I'll wait til we get to the pictures from the convention floor. But while we were walking to our seats, we ran into our friend Congressman John Lewis. Congressman Lewis was almost killed by mad racists in Alabama when he was walking with Martin Luther King. He's a real live hero. We have known him our entire lives and whenever we go back to DC, I love to just walk around in his office and look at all of his pictures and newspaper stories. It's like a really cool museum. He talked to us about what should excite kids about this election, which he said was the fact that there was so much history that will be made and we are old enough now to remember it and appreciate it.

As soon as we have time (it takes FOREVER to download all of the videos) we will post all of our interviews from the convention. Our interviews for today included:

Matthew Modine
Richard Schiff
Susan Sarandon
Congressman John Tanner--Tennessee
Congressman Patrick Kennedy--Rhode Island
Zoey Deschanel
Ashley Judd
Congressman John Lewis
Congressman Chet Edwards--Texas, who we have known forever and who was ALMOST VICE PRESIDENT (that would have been SO awesome!!!!!)

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