Thursday, August 28, 2008

Wednesday at the DNC, Part 2

Wednesday night, the convention was so much fun! It was so crowded that they stopped letting anyone but delegates into the convention hall. Since Wes, my mom and I weren't delegates, we walked around until our dad could find seats for us and ran into a few people, like Anne Hathaway again. Then, we made friends with a security person and she let us go backstage to watch the show. We couldn't believe it! It was cool.

We finally made it down to the convention floor just in time to watch Sen. Biden give his speech. Then, Sen. Obama surprised everyone and came onto the stage. It was so loud that we had to plug our ears. Everyone was really excited and we got some "party trash" (that's what my mom calls all of the campaign stuff) to take home.

A lot of the Hollywood celebrities and some famous politicians like Sen. George McGovern sat with the Utah delegation all week. After the convention ended, we met Josh Lucas who we have seen in "Sweet Home Alabama".

When I was little, news reporter Joe Johns did a story about me and my dad on The Today Show for Father's Day. Mr. Johns is with CNN now and we met him at the CNN Grill.
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