Saturday, August 23, 2008

Our Interview with Director of Obama Utah

At the Obama Campaign headquarters we met Suzanne Gelderman, Utah State Director of Obama for America. She talked to us about her political experience, how she became involved with the Obama campaign, what kids can do to get involved in Election 2008 and why she’s excited about Senator Obama becoming president.

I thought it was interesting when she said that Sen. Obama made her feel like it was okay to be a Democrat because of her faith instead of despite her faith. She said that she felt that way because Sen. Obama wants to help poor people and wants to make the world a better and safer place for kids.

WILL: I thought it was very interesting and new that Ms. Gelderman wanted our input on some of the questions that we asked of her. I was glad she was interested in getting our points of view and I hope that she will pass our opinions on to Senator Obama. It’s good to know that some of our leaders really do care about what’s important to kids.

You can watch our full interview with Utah State Director of Obama for America Suzanne Gelderman below:

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